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23 August 2006 @ 02:26 am
Project Runway: 3x06  
Title: Project Runway
Episode: 3x06: Reap What You Sew
Author/Director/Artist: Bravo/Heidi Klum
Media Type: TV
Reviewer: charlotteschaos
Summary: The sixth episode of Project Runway.

Notice how these are coming in later and later? Well, yeah, bad week. In fact, were it not for this cable outage, I wouldn't have this at all. If you like these, count yourselves lucky I decided I'd rather do this than watch my SIMS2 MPREG cheat in action. Something about Draco Malfoy in labor, man. Cracks me up.

So Heidi comes out, full up with the spirit of Jubilee Jumbles and announces to the designers that it's going to get tough. Seriously, who is dressing her this year, her toddler? Bleh. In any case, the designers deny that it's been easy and not a lot happens until Tim shows up at the butt crack of dawn to drag the designers out with "no open-toed shoes." Never a good sign.

For whatever reason, Laura seems to think there are going to be horses this season, as she traveled in jodhpurs. They're driving... and driving... and driving... and driving... and (wanna smoke up?) *guns click* driving... and they're in New Jersey.

The crazy-ass door rolls up (you hear airplanes in the distance) and... re-cy-cling! Make your clothes out of crap people threw away! Yayz!

Now, I don't know about you, but I find these arts-n-crafts challenges funny. I know that the chances of real designers saying, "This year, I'm thinking bottle caps" is pretty slim, but it does throw a huge monkey wrench in the works which makes for good television, even if the fashion is questionable. That said? I do think that some designers did show their mettle and some just did what I think would happen if you pushed them out of their comfort zones.

That said... I really liked Alison's dress. I thought it was original and interesting and I think she worked her materials in ways that, oh, let's just say Vincent did not. In fact, hers looked more like clothes than Angela's weird ass placards did not. Yeah, Alison's styling was off, but so was Kayne's and if you're going to say Kayne can make clothes then... erm... Alison isn't? Anyway, we'll get to that.

Obviously, I'm as outraged as most of the internet.

So, after they sort through the trash (that wasn't that trashy) they went to the art supply store and bought paints and other goodies. This is where Kayne started going awry and Jeffrey really sorted out what he was going to do.

In the work room, there's magazine quilting, cutting and pasting and loads of painting. Everyone's going crazy. Vincent is a wackadoo, but we all knew that. Laura reminds us that he's going to blow up the building. Oh, KITT, you just wait until Michael Knight summons you.

Kayne and Robert snark and flirt over dinner, although... it's really Robert who has much to say. I really want them to do a buddy movie where they mock the villain's fashion sense. Jeffrey doesn't like Laura's dress and... whatever. It says "for nuts only" and... yeah, okay.

Alison is in trouble early on with her stripedy "not gonna happen" skirt. Vincent makes a sheath dress and throws trash at it calling it art. Kayne... oh Kayne... I kind of liked the flower... sort of... the bottle caps? I don't know where we were going with that. It was going to be a bottle cap bustier, but... that didn't happen. But at least he knew it and could laugh.

Jeffrey is again sure he's going to win. Michael reminds himself that he is a hero and won last week. He wrote a cute note to himself, "Things to do: 1. Get into Project Runway. 2. Be a badass. 3. Save-a-ho. 4. Be a captain of the Save-a-ho organization." Uli has a strong contender with white and silver braided dress, Jeffrey may well take it.

Now, Alison. I thought it was a pretty dress but Tim pointed out that her model was "zaftig" meaning bigger. Is her model a big girl? I don't know, I don't think so, but then... evidently she was. Kayne's dress was a disaster, but he felt horridly stuck and you could tell he was just struggling hard. I worry for Kayne, because he's so used to gowns and when you take away the gownishness, he seems so lost. So he tossed away his long skirt and made a pixie skirt and then fluffed his model up in glitter with teased up hair. Dear god, Kayne. And the thing is? He knew it was awful, but it was all he had. Still, you could tell everyone in the room just thought, "At least he's not throwing confetti at his dress."

Designers in hard hats are cute. I'm just saying. Designers in hard hats bitching about having confetti and glitter in their shoes was cuter.

Kayne prays the judges smoke crack, Michael laments the lack of the clapper.

The next morning, everyone wants crack. The models come in and surprise, paper and mylar don't stretch like clothes do. Whee.

The decision is made to give Kayne's model the crazy-assed make-up and Laura makes a comment on it and Kayne snaps back. She seems to think it's funny, but he looks stabby. She worries about the giant hair-bow on Alison's model's head. We're all worried about that, but kee-rist, who could be worse than Vincent? But he was so happy about his dress getting him off (and given what all he tossed onto it and how stiff it was... maybe it did.)

Runway time! Michael's there, Nina's there and our visitor is Rachel Zoe, expert in trashy as well as trash!

First up was Uli's model in the white and silver dress, it looked clean, but kind of puffy and unflattering. Angela's could've had advertisements on it. I'm surprised Macy's didn't insist. Michael's dress looked like clothes. Nazri is easily the best walker, so he's pretty blessed. Vincent's model couldn't walk and he insists it gets him off. Robert created a dress in mylar. Even he admits it was cheap and tacky, but at least it wasn't boring. Jeffrey's dress was interesting, but the colors were sort of a downer, even in blue and yellow. Like a cheerleader from hell. Laura's dress looked believable and simple, rather cute and for nuts only. Alison's dress was interesting, sculptural, moreso than Angela's had been. Kayne hated his dress... so did I. wtf,man? Silver and lime green and like an ugly fairy.

Kayne gets a spanking for his choices, but is ultimately in. Laura gets a nod as does Jeffrey, but it's Michael who takes it for two challenge wins in a row. Let me just crow here about liking him from the start. He'll probably be out next week in favor of keeping Vincent, so I'm going to have my moment of Michael love. Ahh. Michael. <3

So, left on the runway is Alison and Vincent. Seems a no-brainer. One's sculptural and elegant, although the styling is off... but no more so than Vincent's styling. What was with his model's hair? Yeah, Alison could've done better, but Vincent really couldn't have. There was shit hanging off of Vincent's dress. Come on, Michael Kors! We didn't bring you back from Loompaland for this!

The harsh is made about how the dress made Alison's model look fat. Well, yeah. But she's bigger and... Alison is out. We don't know why. I've little to say about that. She was in my top three, so my crowing before? Shot to hell now. I'm sad and horrid upset, but at least Vincent's turned on.

Next week, Laura shows Vincent what other places she can stick her Harry Winstons and Jeffrey makes Angela cry (yayz!).
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Inell: Make It Workinell on August 28th, 2006 12:14 am (UTC)
I love your recaps! I can't believe Vincent stayed. It was deliberately for the drama to see him meltdown and take out his fellow designers with a staple gun or something later on. *shudder*
Subterranean Homesick Aliencharlotteschaos on August 28th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)
haha I know! It made me so nuts! RAAR!!!!!