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Welcome to Pop Culture Junkies!

How This Shit Works
How this shit works is as follows. We will be taking volunteers to be in charge of: specific television shows, music in general, books, movies, comics, etc. You will have a month to do whatever you want with that. Well. Sort of.

Television Pushers
Yeah, so we're going with this whole drug theme, deal with it. As a television pusher, you'll volunteer for a show for a month, say, Supernatural. You will be responsible for posting SOMETHING after each episode. This something can be whatever you want. You can post a quick "this is what happened now discuss" right after the show. Or you can post a long, involved recap ala Television Without Pity later, as long as it goes up before the next episode airs. You can post a discussion thread during or right after AND a long, involved recap later. As long as you post something once a week and are willing to moderate the discussion threads (ie reprimand/delete comments that are HUGELY inappropriate) we are chill.

Music, Books, etc:
As it stands, our idea is to get a couple volunteers a month to volunteer to be movie or book or music pushers. This would mean that, if you were a music pusher, you'd be responsible for reviewing two albums or shows or bands or whatevers that month. How you choose to review is up to you. It could be just reccing some music you think is awesome. For books and movies, same thing. If you want to just say, "Hey, this is what I thought of the DaVinci Code, what'd y'all think?" that's cool, or you can do a longer, more involved analysis.

But on the other hand:
Since we're being chill about this, anyone who is not a designated pusher can, at any time, review or recap whatever, as long as the designated pusher isn't already doing it. Did you write some fantastic parody of 'Welcome to the Hellmouth' and you want somewhere to post it? Do it. If someone is already pushing Buffy (which I don't know why they would, but STFU, it's my example and I'm already caught in it) just be like, 'Hey you, are you gonna do a Welcome to the Hellmouth parody?'. If in doubt, post. I can always delete it later.

At anytime if you're feeling frisky
Feel free to post articles, picspams, and similar things of that nature. When I check my friends list I want to see 100 pictures of Jensen Ackles every day, damnit. EVERY DAY.

About This Community
When posting a review, please include the title of whatever you're reviewing in the post's title. Your post should include the following template:

Title (album, film, book, show):
Episode (if applicable, number and title please):
Author/Director/Artist: (if applicable)
Media Type:
Summary: (this can be a short statement or the first few lines of the review)

After the template, all reviews should be posted behind an lj-cut. If you don't know how to make a cut, contact one of your lovely mods, phaballa or notthequiettype.

Remember, this is a forum for discussion and analysis. If you don't agree with a reviewer's take on things that's fine, but please disagree in a respectful, intelligent manner. We love to argue. We hate to fight.

Contact Info...
You may contact the mods via their personal journals or via e-mail: phaballa / notthequiettype, or phaballa@livejournal.com / notthequiettype@livejournal.com.

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